"A small Thank You for taking such good care of Bob and my vision! May God Bless you for helping us and so many others!"
-B&N 1991

"We want to thank you for the good care we received from you and your staff. We appreciate everything you did fo us. It was a pleasure to come to your office. Thank you again very much for treating us like family. It is great to have improved my sight. You are the best!"
-C&B 2008

"Just a long overdue "Thanks" for all you have done for "L" throughout the years, and especially since July. Not only has this experience been one that has strengthened our trust in your practice; it has also increased greatly our faith in the healing power of the Lord!"
-S&L 2007

"I think the doctor performed a miracle. I could read the chart without my glasses."
-BC 1992

"He's wonderful. I never got such a good eye exam"
-MM 1992

"He must be a delight to work for. He came very highly recommended by some very picky people."
-JB 1992

"I like him. He doesn't rush into surgery."
-DW 1992

"Thank you for making my cataract experience a fun time"

"Thank you so much for your excellent care and consideration. I greatly appreciate your kindness."
-SG 2005

"This is to thank you for a job well done. I can see! I could see before the surgery but I'm so pleased how much clearer my vision is for reading and sewing. You were all very kind and patient with me and I really appreciate that. May God bless you daily as you continue to help others."
-RY 2004


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